Class Descriptions

101A: TitleExpress Main Menu

Great for new TitleExpress users! Learn all about the TitleExpress main menu. We will review the functions of each menu tab and how to navigate TitleExpress. (60 mins)

Recommended Pre-requisites: None

101B: TitleExpress Order Entry

Great for new TitleExpress users! We will discuss TitleExpress data entry and how to create a new order. (60 mins)

Recommended Pre-requisites: None

102: TitleExpress Document Preparation System (DPS)

In this introduction to the TitleExpress Document Preparation System (DPS), you will learn how to create documents, merge sets, and master clauses in TitleExpress. (60 mins)

Recommended Pre-requisites: 101A and 101B are recommended.

103: Closing Disclosure

We’ll show you how to navigate through the Closing Disclosure with data entry, prorations and debit/credit. (60 mins)

Recommended Pre-requisites: 101A, 101B and 102 are recommended.

104: Using HUD-1 Forms in TitleExpress

We are talking 1986 and 2010 HUD-1 forms! Learn when to use each form, how to navigate through HUD-1 forms in TitleExpress, and how to enter the data. (60 mins)

Recommended Pre-requisites: 101A, 101B and 102 are recommended.

105: TitleExpress Title Commitment and Policy

Learn how to create a commitment and produce a final policy. We will review the Document Manager, creating a merge set, and using underwriter integrations. (60 mins)

Recommended Pre-requisites: 101A, 101B, and 102 are recommended.

106: TitleExpress Disbursement and Escrow Accounting

Looking for in-depth escrow accounting training? Learn about preparing disbursement items for escrow accounting, check writing, joining items, combinind deposits, posting deposits prior to closing, and running register reports. (60 mins)

Recommended Pre-requisites: 101A, 101B and 102 are recommended.

201: Mastering TitleExpress Forms

Experienced TitleExpress users who want to create and maintain TitleExpress master forms will learn how to use time-saving Microsoft Word features, work with fields, create merge sets, use clauses, and insert a company logo. (60 mins)

Recommended Pre-requisites: 101A, 101B and 102 are recommended.

203: TitleExpress System Managers

Already know the basics and ready to improve your software efficiency? Learn how to use TitleExpress website resources, edit underwriter and state tables, set up branches, add escrow accounts, utilize events, manage contacts, and customize settings. (60 mins)

Recommended Pre-requisites: The 100 Series is recommended.

302: TitleExpress Reconciliation

Learn about reconciling a TitleExpress Escrow Account, preparing month end reports, and joining items. We will highlight specific features to help you reduce fraud and automate the reconciliation process. (60 mins)

Recommended Pre-requisites: 103, 104 and 202 are recommended.

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