Service Providers

QuickBooks logo
QuickBooks makes it easy to organize your finances all in one place and manage customer, vendor, and employee date. QuickBooks must be version 8 or later to use this integration.

For additional information about the QuickBooks product, visit the QuickBooks website.

Escrow Accounting
Rynoh<i>Live</i> logo
TitleExpress and RynohLive combine resources to offer you a financial management solution that will save you time and money, and quite possibly your business. Working seamlessly with TitleExpress, RynohLive provides the tools to eliminate check fraud, prevent disbursing losses, deter embezzlement, and other financial losses. RynohLive also includes automated daily three-way reconciliation, morning reports, and customized management features; all generated by a daily e-mail to designated staff members. If you are currently using positive pay with your bank, RynohLive automatically sends your positive pay files throughout the day without having to do anything! If you do not currently use positive pay or your bank does not offer positive pay, RynohLive includes a standalone solution.

For additional information about RynohLive, visit the Rynoh website.

TrustLink logo
TrustLink’s team of experienced accounting professionals can conduct daily 3-way trust account reconciliations and provide daily status reports for all of your trust accounts. You’ll gain the ability to expose potential fraud and theft, meet compliance regulations, and give your customers a foundation for placing their trust in you! All while helping meet ALTA’s Best Practice #2.

This integration gives TitleExpress 7 users full transparency into their trust accounts and access to account information from anywhere with an Internet connection. Users will also gain the ability to share and view information between the two platforms, without the need for duplicate data entry.

To learn more about this integration, visit the TrustLink website.

Legal Services
CaseAware logo
TitleExpress is compatible with KMC Information System’s CaseAware® software. The CaseAware® Suite consists of CaseAware® Manage and CaseAware® Integrate. CaseAware® Manage is a complete Case Management System that includes a dynamic workflow engine, built-in Fee and Cost forecasting, and integrated document generation, storage, and retrieval.

For additional information about CaseAware, visit the CaseAware website.

PerfectPractice logo
Perfect Practice® offers a total approach to law firm automation encompassing both full-featured case management and comprehensive billing and accounting. Whether your firm is small, large, or in- between, the scalable, Client Server technology delivers performance in an affordable package.

For additional information about PerfectPractice, visit the PerfectPractice website.

Marketing Tools
Digital Closing Docs with Forever Marketing™ logo
Digital Closing Docs with Forever Marketing™
Digital Closing Docs with Forever Marketing™ is designed for closing agents operating in the real estate title industry to increase market share, increase repeat business, and decrease operating expenses. The Digital Closing Docs™ Automated Marketing platform not only increases your market share, it also works for your real estate agents and mortgage professionals customers to help them gain referrals and close more transactions just by closing with your agency. The proprietary system is also designed to automatically bring homeowners back to your closing table at the time they need you most, when they are back in the market. Your office expenses will immediately decrease by utilizing the Digital Closing Docs™ paperless buyer and seller copy package delivery technology, electronic document routing, and the state-of-the-art digital archive—securely accessible from any PC in the world with internet connectivity.

For more information about Digital Closing Docs, visit the Digital Closing Docs website.

Mortgage Services
PayoffAssist logo
With PayoffAssist working with you, we get you the lender information you need- FAST. Our online index contains thousands of mortgage lenders and servicers, so all of the information you need is right at your fingertips. We provide who to contact for cases of failed, merged or acquired banks, credit unions and mortgage servicers. We can help you quickly identify and locate the correct lender for a payoff statement or the successor of an entity to clear an old lien.

PayoffAssist can be accessed by selecting the Locate Lender Information link on the TitleExpress Payoff Tab. For additional information, visit the PayoffAssist website.

Office Management
GreenFolders logo
The GreenFolders™ office management system enables your business to go completely digital, with all of the benefits and advantages that go along with it. GreenFolders empowers your people to be more efficient by eliminating the space between their own desktops, connecting everybody and all your files in an interactive collaborative environment.

For additional information about GreenFolders products, visit the GreenFolders website.

Recording Services
TitlePrep logo
TitlePrep is a service of Global Data Source, LLC and offers complete title search, processing, and recording services, nationwide. TitlePrep works with title companies across the country to reduce costs, streamline operations, and achieve efficiencies.

For additional information about TitlePrep's products and services, visit the TitlePrep website.

Shipping Services
FedEx logo
The FedEx integration allows users to create shipping labels and track packages directly in TitleExpress. Generate shipping labels populated within information from TitleExpress orders, eliminating the need to rekey data. Users can also check rates for shipping packages.

For additional information about delivery services and products, visit the FedEx website.

UPS logo
The UPS integration allows users to create shipping labels and track packages directly in TitleExpress. Generate shipping labels using information from within a TitleExpress order, eliminating the need to rekey data. Users can also link to their UPS account number for optimal service.

For additional information about delivery services and products, visit the UPS website.

Title Services
Charles Jones LLC logo
Charles Jones LLC
Charles Jones LLC® traces its roots back to 1911. The RealExpress integration allows TitleExpress users to order Charles Jones LLC services directly within TitleExpress and the results are automatically returned to the Document Manager. The following products can be ordered through RealExpress: New Jersey Judgment Lien (Upper Court) Searches, Tax & Assessment Searches, Tideland Searches, Flood Searches, County Search Services, and Corporate and UCC services; as well as Pennsylvania Tax & Utility Searches, Corporate and UCC Services, and Patriot Name Searches.

For additional information about Charles Jones LLC products, visit the Charles Jones LLC website.

ClosingCorp logo
ClosingCorp’s SmartGFE® Calculator technology takes the guesswork out of Good Faith Estimates by delivering actual title and settlement rates as well as accurate recording fee and transfer tax data for any property in America. The calculator is posted on title company websites and used by mortgage lenders to get immediate cost estimates online at any time. For lender convenience, all data is provided in GFE and HUD-friendly formats, and online orders for title and settlement services can be submitted instantly to TitleExpress.

This integration allows the title company to accept or decline the order request. Once accepted, the request is imported as an order in TitleExpress, eliminating the need to rekey data. For additional information about ClosingCorp’s solutions and services, visit the ClosingCorp website.

Eagle Search Product logo
Eagle Search Product
Eagle Search Product (ESP) is an all-inclusive, RESPA-compliant search product developed by First American and designed to increase productivity. ESP is a powerful tool that enables Agents to examine, produce, and print title products faster than ever before.

For additional information about ESP, visit the Eagle Search Product website.

FasTrax Release Tracking logo
FasTrax Release Tracking
FasTrax manages the entire process of lien release tracking and recording. They also proactively and consistently follow up with the paid off lender to obtain and record accurate release documents. Weekly updates are provided via e-mail to report the status of the liens being tracked and released.

This integration sends TitleExpress order information to FasTrax using a DPS Master Form, eliminating the need to rekey payoff and company information. For additional information about the FasTrax release tracking service, visit FasTrax's website.

FasTrax Title Clearing logo
FasTrax Title Clearing
With a 93% success rate, FasTrax’s title clearing service assists in obtaining missing or correcting invalid releases resulting in clean title prior to closing. FasTrax locates the lien holder of previously paid-off liens and utilizing established lender relationships, maintains constant communication until the documents to clear title have been obtained.

This integration sends TitleExpress order information to FasTrax using a DPS Master Form, eliminating the need to rekey lien and company information. For additional information about the FasTrax title clearing service, visit FasTrax's website.

Kasparnet logo
Kasparnet is a member of the Old Republic Title Insurance Group, which serves local, regional, and national title insurance agents and underwriters. Through its TitlePartner.com website, Kasparnet delivers title production, management, and research services, including electronic Title Search Reports.

For additional information about Kasparnet's products, visit the Kasparnet website.

RedVision logo
RedVision is the fastest growing provider of title searches and real property research solutions in the nation. RedVision consistently delivers complete and accurate title searches quickly in the customers’ specified format – directly into their systems. The result is a dramatic reduction in title processing time and expense.

For additional information about RedVision products, visit the RedVision website.

SureClose logo
When you eliminate the need for paper in your transaction process, you do more than help the environment, you help your business. The SureClose® transaction management system enables all parties in the transaction to add, share and view documents electronically while collaborating through the system for an enhanced transaction experience.

The integration with Stewart’s SureClose® allows TitleExpress users to create, update, and upload orders and related documents. For additional information about SureClose®, visit the SureClose website.

Title Desk logo
Title Desk
Title Desk is an online order management service from Stewart Title Guaranty Company. It allows you to electronically order title information products, track order status, receive title information products along with supporting documents, request and receive title updates and archive your orders for future reference. Your staff can work in a paperless environment from one office or several offices by sharing files through this system. Once you receive the requested product it can be saved to a file, printed, or sent via e-mail to an associate or customer.

For additional information about Title Desk's products, visit the Title Desk website.

TitlePrep logo
TitlePrep is a service of Global Data Source, LLC and offers complete title search, processing, and recording services, nationwide. TitlePrep works with title companies across the country to reduce costs, streamline operations, and achieve efficiencies.

For additional information about TitlePrep's products and services, visit the TitlePrep website.

TitleSearch logo
With TitleSearch™, maintaining and researching title plant information has never been easier. As one of the industry's leading products for title plant applications, TitleSearch™ streamlines search processes, improving workflow and profitability.

The integration with Stewart’s TitleSearch™ allows users to create title search orders directly through TitleExpress. For additional information about TitleSearch™ products, visit the TitleSearch website.

TitleWave logo
Fidelity’s TitleWave® gives agents the ability to order, track and receive title insurance products, create commitments and policies online, transfer data into third-party software packages, monitor order progress, and it is available 24/7 via the Internet.

For additional information about the TitleWave product, visit the TitleWave website.

TitleWrite logo
Title-Write Solutions, Inc. provides fast, accurate, competitively priced title examination and support services to the business of real estate transactions.

For additional information about TitleWrite's products, visit the TitleWrite website.

Western Technologies Group, LLC logo
Western Technologies Group, LLC
Western Technologies Group has built a strong reputation as New Jersey's premier provider of Tideland and Flood Searches. Searches are provided by a knowledgeable staff that specialize in New Jersey property mapping.

This integration allows TitleExpress users to order their tideland and flood search services from Western Technologies Group using a DPS Master Form. For additional information about this integration and the available products, visit Western Technologies Group, LLC website.

Underwriter Services
Fidelity National Financial, Inc. logo
Fidelity National Financial, Inc.
Fidelity National Financial, Inc. (NYSE:FNF), is a leading provider of title insurance, mortgage services, and diversified services. FNF is the nation's largest title insurance company through its title insurance underwriters - Fidelity National Title, Chicago Title, Commonwealth Land Title, and Alamo Title.

This integration with Fidelity's agentTRAX product allows TitleExpress users to generate and update policy jackets for all Fidelity National underwriters directly from their orders. Agents save time by eliminating the need rekey information across multiple systems.

For more information about Fidelity National Financial, Inc., visit their website.

First American’s AgentNet® logo
First American’s AgentNet®
First American Title Insurance Company is one of the largest title insurers in the nation, and traces its history to 1889. First American Title provides comprehensive title insurance coverage and professional services for purchases, construction, refinances, and equity loans.

Now integrated with TitleExpress®, First American’s AgentNet® technology delivers a convenient and efficient method for working with First American. AgentNet lets you quickly generate approved First American® CPLs and policy jackets and search back title (where available) from within the TitleExpress platform, eliminating the need to rekey data and work across various systems.

Contact First American’s Agent Service Center to find out more, or visit the website.

Investors Title Insurance Company logo
Investors Title Insurance Company
Investors Title Insurance Company offers expert underwriting for and management of residential real estate transactions, as well as the most complex commercial transactions. iJacket Manager, powered exclusively by Investors Title, allows agents to generate electronic commitment and policy jackets, create Insured Closing Letters, and automatically produce remittance reports online from any Internet connection, thus eliminating manual tracking of policy jacket inventory. Through this integration with TitleExpress, agents may access Investors’ iJacket Manager system directly from a TitleExpress order. Information from the order automatically feeds into the iJacket file, eliminating duplicate data entry, and allows for issuance of Insured Closing Letters and selection of electronic commitment and policy jackets.

For additional information about Investors Title Insurance Company, visit their website.

North American Title Insurance Company logo
North American Title Insurance Company
North American Title Insurance Co. (NATIC) has the attributes most essential to your title business – financial responsibility and white-glove service. Now operating in 38 states and rapidly expanding, NATIC is the 8th largest underwriter in the United States. In addition, NATIC has an unparalleled one-hour underwriting response guarantee.

This integration with NATIC’s AgentLink platform allows users to request policy jackets and closing protection letters directly in their TitleExpress orders. This increases agent productivity by eliminating the need to rekey order information across both systems.

For additional information about NATIC services, visit their website or call 866.596.2842.

Old Republic Title Insurance Group (ORTIG) logo
Old Republic Title Insurance Group (ORTIG)
The ORTIG is comprised of Old Republic National Title Insurance Company, American Guaranty Title Insurance Company, and Mississippi Valley Title Insurance Company. It is one of the nation’s largest title insurance groups, operating in 49 states and the District of Columbia through a network of Company-owned offices, subsidiaries, authorized agents and approved attorneys.

This integration with Old Republic Title’s EzJacket product allows users to generate and update Old Republic Title electronic policy jackets and closing protection letters (CPLs) directly from TitleExpress. This not only saves agents time but also reduces the potential for rekeying errors.

For more information about the ORTIG, visit their website.

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