Software Releases

TitleExpress and DPS version 9.4.0 are now available!

See our What’s New and Release Notes for more information.

Technical Advisory

If updating from a version prior to 9.3: As part of our ongoing security initiative, to ensure your data is safe, in Version 9.3 we changed the existing SQL credentials used by TitleExpress to authenticate to the SQL Database. We also encrypted these new credentials. If you are using any integrations not distributed by TitleExpress which access the SQL database using the existing TitleExpress SQL credentials, TELogin, TEUser, TEService, TEControl, TEReport, or TEIntegrate, the integrations may no longer work, as they will not be able to connect to the SQL Database using the old passwords.

Work with your IT provider to determine if you are using any integrations that connect to the Microsoft SQL database using the existing TitleExpress SQL Credentials. If you are, please send an email to Product Management with your company information, the integration name, and a contact number for your integration provider so that we can connect with them to ensure there will be no loss of service upon upgrading.

DPS 9.4.0 is required with TitleExpress version 9.4. Prior versions of DPS are not compatible with TitleExpress 9.4. Replacement forms for v9.3 and above should be downloaded and extracted to the TitleExpressDB\Forms folder of your database. Forms folders and Mergesets should be updated with replacement forms. Please watch this video for steps to update the mergesets!

Visit the TitleExpress DPS page for more information!

Installation Files and Guides

System Requirements
TitleExpress Upgrade Guide
What’s New in TitleExpress
TitleExpress version 9.4.0 Release Notes
Replacement forms for v9.3 and above
Installation file for TitleExpress v9.4.0

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TitleExpress Training

See it in Action! Available now in your video library, our What's New in TitleExpress v9.4 training session walks you through the newest features and updates included in this release.

Previous Versions

9.3.0 - What’s New, Release Notes 9.2.1 - What’s New, Release Notes 9.2.0 - What’s New, Release Notes 9.0 - What’s New, Release Notes

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