Security Reminder – Nov 16th Deadline

Important! This message has been sent to key contacts at your site. Please forward this message to the person responsible for coordinating your TitleExpress software upgrades.

Security Upgrade Required

Protecting your customers’ data is a top priority for SMS. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing secure connectivity to our Cloud Workspace, new security enhancements will be deployed for our data centers. This will require TitleExpress end users to verify PC compatibility.


STEP 1:  Ensure Compatibility
For computers on Windows 7 or newer, run Windows updates and confirm the operating system is fully patched. If needed, updates are available for download in the Microsoft Update Catalog.

STEP 2:  Enable TLS Protocols (Windows 7 only)
For computers on Windows 7, you will also need to enable TLS protocols. Go to Microsoft’s TLS Update Support page. Scroll down to the Easy fix section, then click Download to start the download and installation wizard.


Your TitleExpress system will be offline during the data center security upgrade on Friday, November 16th, 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM EST.

Questions? Contact SMS Customer Support at 800.767.7831 or

Data privacy is critical for our customers, and we appreciate your cooperation as our software continually evolves to address emerging cybersecurity concerns. Thank you for your business and for entrusting us with your settlement needs.

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