SMS TitleExpress Q1 Upgrade Is Ready!

We are pleased to announce the release of TitleExpress v8.11, which includes new features and improvements that add value to your TitleExpress investment.

You may upgrade at any time by logging on to the TitleExpress 8 page for installation files, minimum requirements, and detailed release notes. Need installation assistance? Schedule an appointment with our technicians.


REMINDER: To provide a reliable and secure experience, effective with our Q2 2019 release, all customers requesting technical support from SMS Customer Support must be on a supported version of the software. Supported versions will include the latest released version and two previous releases. Customers on unsupported versions must schedule an upgrade prior to receiving support.

See What’s Inside TitleExpress v8.11

1.  NEW First American Policy Upload Integration:

  • Allow you to upload policies to First American without having to leave TitleExpress.
  • Store the names of documents submitted via policy upload within the request queue.

2.  First American Rates integration update:

  • Now include pricing for properties in East Baton Rouge, LA.
  • Return pricing based on the effective date specified during the pricing request. 
  • Prevent a single fee from being charged for multiple CPLs in states with ‘per letter’ pricing.
  • Display relevant messaging and a confirmation when final pricing is being sent to AgentNet®.
  • Remove premiums for voided Closing Protection Letters from the order.

3.  Additional First American integration updates:

  • First American Remittance integration. State dropdown filter has been updated so that it displays only states which the authenticated user has access to. To see this integration in action, register for our free First American Remittance webinar.
  • First American integration for CPLs. Updated/changed party names will now merge to new CPLs generated.
  • First American Jacket integration. Updated to allow a property’s section, block, and lot to be entered, as required in NY.
  • First American Search and Commitment integration. Loan amounts will now be included in your search request; even if the loan number was not entered.
  • First American Order Search. Import screen now includes a select all/de-select all option for saving documents.

4.  This release also includes the following modifications:  

  • We resolved an issue on the General tab causing the client email address to be removed.
  • Orphaned Maryland Withholding Tax descriptions no longer appear on the 2010 HUD-1 form.
  • We’ve removed a non-essential popup message from the Parties tab regarding mouse functionality.
See It In Action!

Register now for our “What’s New” training session on March 13th.

Thank you for choosing SMS!

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