Westcor Land Title Forms Notification (PA)

The TitleExpress FlexForm package for Westcor Land Title Insurance Company (Pennsylvania) has been updated to include the following forms:

590 PA WL End 1252 Contiguity-Specified Parcels (ALTA 19.2-06) {0919}
590 PA WL End 1316 Described Improvements-LOAN (ALTA 28.2-06) {0919}
590 PA WL End 1317 Described Improvements- OWNERS (ALTA 28.2-06) {0919}
590 PA WL End 1611 Co-Insurance - Multi Policy (ALTA 23.1-06) {0919}
590 PA WL End 100 Covenants Conditions Restrictions {0919}
590 PA WL End 1250 Contiguity (ALTA 19-06) {0919}
590 PA WL End 1270 Same as Survey-Loan (ALTA 25-06) {0919}
590 PA WL End 1271 Same as Survey-Owner (ALTA 25-06) {0919}
590 PA WL End 1530 Future Advances-Priority (ALTA 14-06) {0919}
590 PA WL End 1540 Future Advances-Knowledge (ALTA 14.1-06) {0919}
Updated to the current version.

Please remove and discontinue use of the following decommissioned endorsements:
590 PA WL End 101 Restrictions-Violation {1013}
590 PA WL End 102 Restrictions-No Violation {1013}
590 PA WL End 103 Restrictions-Violation {1013}
590 PA WL End 104 Restrictions-No Violation (Owners) {1013}

FlexForms are available to clients with a current support subscription and can be downloaded from the TitleExpress Underwriter Forms page, according to the Instructions for Downloading TitleExpress Underwriter Forms document.
If you applied the DPS workaround in August after the MS Office 365 update, please remember to copy all new document purchases to your affected local drives. This extra step is necessary to ensure that all users have access to the updated document(s).

Cloud Subscribers: We will deliver the updated forms within five business days. There is no charge for this update. Hosted Subscribers: Please contact Support to order these forms. We will deliver the updated forms within five business days.

Thank you for choosing TitleExpress! If you have questions or comments, contact SMS Customer Support at 800-767-7831 or TESUPPORT@SMSCORP.COM

Posted on 10/2/2019 5:34:00 PM by Jennifer Bradley

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