TitleExpress and DPS v9.2.1 Upgrade Recommended

TitleExpress and DPS v9.2.1 Upgrade Recommended

Recently, some clients have reported issues, such as line duplication, within the Closing Disclosure. We have investigated and resolved these issues in TitleExpress v9.2.1, which is now available for all desktop installed customers. In addition, we have taken this opportunity to include corrections to other issues reported in TitleExpress v9.2.

You may upgrade at any time by logging on to the Software Updates page for installation files, minimum requirements, and detailed release notes. Installation assistance is available by scheduling an appointment with our technicians.

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TitleExpress Updates (affects TitleExpress v9.0 and v9.2)

  • Moved Change Order Number functionality to the Utility tab on the TitleExpress Main Menu (previously accessed from within the order)
  • Section H of the Closing Disclosure, resolved Add (optional) checkbox disablement on the owner’s title insurance line
  • Enhanced Local Closing Disclosure logging
  • Addressed duplicate line issues on the Local Closing Disclosure
  • Corrected selection issue with the Ovr checkbox for seller credit
  • Adjusted tab order on the Save confirmation dialog
  • Resolved closure of TitleExpress Calendar when adjusting appointment time. (affects v9.2 only)
  • Corrected file access issue resulting in error message, “Unable to copy the file to the working directory. Please verify it is not in use by another application...” (affects v9.2 only)
  • Restored the ability to order a continuation for a previous Charles Jones request (affects v9.2 only)

DPS Updates (affects DPS v9.2)

  • Resolved document merge issue with Word 2010 (affects DPS v9.2 only)

We greatly appreciate your business and the trust you have placed with SMS. Please contact SMS Customer Support with any questions or concerns.

Customer Support: 800-767-7831 | TESupport@smscorp.com | M-F, 8:00AM - 8:30PM Eastern 

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