Old Republic National Forms Notification (Alabama)

The TitleExpress FlexForm package for Old Republic National Title Insurance Company (Alabama) has been updated to include the following forms:

590 AL OR End 3.3-06 (Zoning - Land Under Development) {1120}
590 AL OR End 3.4-06 (Zoning - No Zoning Classification) {1120}
590 AL OR End 18.3-06 (Single Tax Parcel and ID) {1120}
590 AL OR End 46.0-06 (Option) {1120}
75 Endorsements
Updated Secretary Signature
Note: The individual endorsements are not listed in this broadcast. They have a suffix of {1120}, to coincide with the month/year when they were created or revised.
FlexForms are available to clients with a current support subscription and can be downloaded from the TitleExpress Underwriter Forms page, according to the Instructions for Downloading TitleExpress Underwriter Forms document.
Cloud Subscribers: We will deliver the updated forms within five business days. There is no charge for this update. Hosted Subscribers: Please contact Support to order these forms. We will deliver the updated forms within five business days.

Thank you for choosing TitleExpress! If you have questions or comments, contact SMS Customer Support at 800-767-7831 or TESUPPORT@SMSCORP.COM.

Posted on 12/1/2020 12:17:00 AM by Jennifer Bradley

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