SMS TitleExpress Q4 Upgrade Is Ready!

Settlement Management Solutions (SMS) is pleased to announce the release of TitleExpress v8.10.0, which includes many new features and improvements that add value to your TitleExpress investment.

Upgrade Now to Take Advantage of Our New Features!

You may upgrade at any time by logging on to the TitleExpress 8 page for installation files, minimum requirements, and detailed release notes. Need installation assistance? Schedule an appointment with our technicians.


Improvements & Revisions

  • Introduced a new First American AgentNet Remittance integration which enables authorized users to: (1) compile a list of files based on remittance status; (2) electronically alert AgentNet that the files are being remitted; and (3) create Reports and Payment Transmittal forms.
  • Added functionality to prevent the renaming or cancellation of a file previously remitted using the AgentNet Remittance integration.
  • Automated a call to update rates when the sales price and/or loan amount changes in an order using AgentNet rates integration.
  • When the date of policy is specified within the AgentNet integration during a rates request, that date will write back to the policy date field on the Policy > Data Tab.
  • Updated the First American AgentNet Order Search integration to: (1) enable multi-underwriter agents to place search and commitment orders; and (2) accommodate attachment downloads up to 25MB.
  • Restored 3-second interval between calls to integration partners to prevent overlap in RealExpress.
  • Included the Charles Jones, LLC name change on the Order-RealExpress tab, System Management-RealExpress tab, and within the Request Queue.
  • Changed 1099 Status dropdown default to a blank option (was “None”) for new orders created within TitleExpress.
  • Amended the Online Zip code lookup utility to include 72713 for Bentonville, AR.
  • Updated Escrow Accounting so that: (1) an invalid date cannot be set for the freeze date; and (2) uppercase printing is an option for check payee names in the account setup screen.
  • Updated the county.dat file to display McKean County, PA instead of Mc Kean County, PA and reflect the updated recorder information for the state of Georgia.
  • Automated renumbering of remaining parties when a party is deleted from the parties tab.
  • Restored functionality of the CD Balance Statement button on the Disbursement tab.
  • Revised charge positions on the Misc. CPL tab to update correctly from line number(s) to section letter(s) when the statement type is changed from HUD-1 to CD.
  • Restored Terminal Designation limitations for remittance reporting.
  • Enabled underwriter integrations to allow saving policy numbers longer than 20 digits to the order.

In order to provide a reliable and secure experience, effective with the release of TitleExpress v8.12.0 (2nd quarter, 2019), all TitleExpress customers requesting technical support from SMS Customer Support will be required to be on a supported version of the software. Supported versions will include the latest released version and two previous releases. Customers on unsupported versions must schedule an upgrade prior to receiving support.

DPS v8.10.0 is Now Available

The Document Preparation (DPS) upgrade provides additional options for incorporating imported search results into new or existing title documents. Visit the TitleExpress DPS page for detailed upgrade information and installation files.

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